Sunday, March 16, 2014

100 Mile Walk Scheduled for July

Cale and I now have a date for our 100 mile walk to Great Wolf: July 18 - 27. Hotels have been booked, deposits have been paid, and I've filed for the time off from work.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather that week! In Seattle, July has an average high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 59 degrees, which seems like a pleasant walking temperature range to me. July is also the least rainy month of the year in Seattle, with only 0.93 inches of rain falling on average, considerably less than, say, Boston (3.43 inches), Chicago (3.68 inches) or New Orleans (5.93 inches).

We'll have plenty of daylight for our walk in July, with the sun rising at 5:30am and setting at 9:00pm.

Update: Boo! I just got a call from the Thornewood Castle. Turns out they do not allow children under 12 to stay in the main castle. While they offered a 1 bedroom apartment adjacent to the castle as an alternative, that would cost $200 more than the already expensive rate we had committed to. Cale had been very excited to stay in a castle, and we spent a lot of time together picking out our favorite room to reserve. I know he'll be sad when I tell him we can't stay there. But I guess at least we'll save a couple of hundred dollars by staying at the nearby Holiday Inn Express instead.

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