Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GreatWalk: Day 1

[This post includes my tweets (@jteevan) from the first day (July 18, 2014) of Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf!]

After months of planning, Cale & I start our #100miles walk to Great Wolf today! ETD: 4pm. Will live-tweet as we walk.

Just wish I could get some sleep prior to our first leg. But I'm too excited. I remember this feeling before birthdays as a kid. #100miles

#100miles #GreatWolf Our route for the first day of our walk.

Replacing the #100miles hashtag with #GreatWalk. It's more unique, pays homage to #GreatWolf and the walk, is only 1 char longer. (Thx Alex!)

Heading off! #BonVoyage #GreatWalk

We got off on time, but have been plagued by wild brothers, silly string, and lack of connectivity. #GreatWalk

Dropping by #BellevueBrewingCompany as the first stop on our #GreatWalk.

Cale and I were both surprised how normal walking away from home was. I think we thought it'd feel different from a short walk. #GreatWalk

Cale is surprisingly cranky at the start of the #GreatWalk despite his enthusiasm for the trip. #LeavingIsHard

Arriving at #ILoveSushi for dinner. Yum! #GreatWalk

Ikura with quail egg, chutoro, unagi, fresh wild salmon. Pretty sure this was the best meal we'll have all week. #GreatWalk

Now en route to the Bellevue Club Hotel for the night. #GreatWalk

Just noticed the blackberries are ripe. Means we'll have a ready snack for our 17 mile trek tomorrow. #GreatWalk

Upgraded to the presidential suite at the Bellevue Club!! 3 bathrooms, 2 balconies, walk-in closets, etc. #GreatWalk

Our Bellevue Club toilets lift the lid when we enter, and feature driers, jets, etc! Feels silly to now do laundry in the tub. #GreatWalk

Was really worried about #Day1 of the #GreatWalk. Spent the morn w/ 100 deg fever & GI issues. Lots of Advil and a good dinner = all better.

#Day1 lesson: A good meal makes everything awesome. #GreatWalk

#Day1 lesson: Really glad I've got a comfy backpack. But as light as I managed to pack, stores still notice when I walk in w/ it. #GreatWalk

#Day1 lesson: Keeping up w/ email, social media from my phone is IMPOSSIBLE! Sorry if replies sporadic. #GreatWalk

#Day1 lesson: Remove Cale's emergency packet (with cash, contact numbers, etc.) from his pocket before washing his pants. #GreatWalk

Cale is asleep. Laundry is washed. Teeth are brushed. In bed with a book. Good night, #Day1. Excited for what #Day2 brings. #GreatWalk

Day 2 >>

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