Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GreatWalk: Day 3

[This post includes my tweets (@jteevan) from the third day (July 20, 2014) of Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf!]

#Day3: 15 mile walk to @EmeraldQC. Cale was disappointed told he wouldn't be allowed to gamble. #GreatWalk #100miles

Opening our #Day3 clue! #GreatWalk #TreasureHunt #100miles @rbmllr @jennthom

Delicious breakfast at @SeattleLodge. Next stop: Pac Island Grill in 9 miles! No turns today, just the Pacific Highway. #GreatWalk

Reminded as I watch planes take off: Every flight for the past 6 mos I've looked down on this road and thought of us walking it. #GreatWalk.

Found it! #Day3 #TreasureHunt @rbmllr @jennthom #GreatWalk

Just walked by 3rd strip mall church with the door open and gospel music spilling out. Adds a soundtrack to our Sun morn walk. #GreatWalk

Everything is named "Emerald" en route to @EmeraldQC. Here's Cale at Emerald Mufflers & Brakes. #GreatWalk

First blister. My pinky toe. (Cale's just fine.) Broke out the moleskin. Here's hoping it keeps it from getting worse. #GreatWalk

Pu-pus and Pog in a Hawaiian atmosphere. Just what we needed after a long nine miles. #GreatWalk #Aloha

The Pac Island Grill is a tropical paradise. So far it's been very worth it to get to our selected destination (v. stop anywhere). #GreatWalk

Lunch was definitely on island time. Just now setting out again. 6.4 miles to @EmeraldQC. #GreatWalk

Blister #1 led to a funny gait, which led to blister #2. Ouch. #GreatWalk

We're losing sidewalks, but the road is very busy. #GreatWalk

Goodbye #KingCounty. Hello #PierceCouty. #GreatWalk

Pretty sure, Alex, that you would not approve of the road I just made your 7 y.o. walk for the past few miles. #GreatWalk

Ha. Figured out I've been using the wrong account for the Emerald Queen Casino. It's @EQCasino! In any case, just .5 miles there. #GreatWalk

So, I guess this is it for the foreseeable future, eh? Breakfast, walk, lunch, walk, dinner, laundry, sleep. Repeat. #GreatWalk #100miles

Cale's casino observations: Lots of security, indoor smoking, free drinks (=sodas for him), and slot machines like video games. #GreatWalk

'Night, #Day3. When will it start getting easier instead of harder? #GreatWalk

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