Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GreatWalk: Day 6

[This post includes my tweets (@jteevan) from the sixth day (July 23, 2014) of Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf!]

Our #Day6 route will be wet. Going to get an early start today to avoid worse weather than rain. #GreatWalk

Cale's up, so were going to leave even earlier than expected (6:30am). #GreatWalk

Lucky the #TreasureHunt yielded a waterproof touch enabled bag for my phone! Thanks, @rbmllr and @jennthom. #GreatWalk

Already wet! #GreatWalk

Was hoping to cut through the golf course to stay out of the weather as much as possible. Alas! Barbed wire fence. #GreatWalk

Our rain gear keeps us dry outside - but makes us sweat inside! Dumping for now since there's just a light drizzle. #GreatWalk

Circumnavigated the golf course. Now on to our six miles away from shelter. #GreatWalk

Staying up all night researching weather and lightening safety creates stress. A beautiful walk in the rain dispels it. #GreatWalk

Road is fast, dark, wet. Broke out the lantern light so cars can see us. #GreatWalk (Car safety a bigger concern than lightening safety.)

Glad to be off the Old Pacific Highway! #GreatWalk

100% of the people who have stopped to offer help have been women. #GreatWalk

[Retweet] Great Wolf Lodge (@GreatWolfLodge): @jteevan One step closer to your destination! Way to go. #GreatWalk

Killing time at Masaala Chai Cafe while we wait for Curry Corner to open for lunch. Time to dig out the dry socks! #GreatWalk

Cale impressed me by knowing all the lightening safety tips I tried to teach him. The weather impressed me by producing none. #GreatWalk

#Day6 lesson: Pack the dry socks at the top of the pack! #GreatWalk

We ordered waaaaaay too much for lunch at Curry Corner! #GreatWalk

Cale says: All this walking has been special. And boring. #GreatWalk

Strangely amused to be at the intersection of Marvin and Martin. Cale's more amused by the bossy crosswalk button. #GreatWalk

Checking in to our @HIExpress in Lacey. Weather, you can rain and storm all you want now. #GreatWalk

We have now used EVERYTHING I packed except for the glow stick, mace, and our insurance cards. Oh, and Cale's #MagiQuest wand. #GreatWalk

[Retweet] Michael Bernstein (@msbernst): @jteevan this is going to be like those mystery plots where the least useful item becomes critical during the plot climax. "We need a wand!"

Tom yum and satay at Jasmine Thai. Cale yum and Jaime yum. #GreatWalk

#Day6's done and we're in bed. I'm exhausted, warm, and dry. I think I'll sleep like a seven year old tonight. #GreatWalk

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