Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GreatWalk: Day 7

[This post includes my tweets (@jteevan) from the seventh day (July 24, 2014) of Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf!]

#Day7 takes us along the Chehalis Western Trail to a cottage on a lake. Hoping I'll have internet. #GreatWalk

#TBT In honor of the #GreatWalk, here's a pic of Cale & his identical twin bro Dillon at @GreatWolfLodge 5 years ago.

Today is going to be slow. My right Achilles hurts and I'm limping. A half hour of walking hasn't loosened it up yet. #GreatWalk

Everything hurts today! Just took an Advil. Cale's got a blister. Walking fast in the rain must have been hard on us. #GreatWalk

On the positive side: Sidewalks, perfect walking weather, and the Advil seems to be kicking in. #GreatWalk

Just passed a crazy spider web. Does anyone know what kind of spider would make such a lair? #GreatWalk #CalesCurious

On Cale's insistence, we also have pictures of all of the road kill we've passed en route. Not posting those. #YoureWelcome #GreatWalk

[Retweet] Michael Schechter (@mikeschechter): @jteevan looks like it may be from tent caterpillars, not a spider.

Lunch at New Sushi and Teriyaki was perfectly timed to avoid a mini rain storm. Now it's sunny and clear. #GreatWalk

On the Chehalis Western Trail. Alex, if we lose service, I'll call you from a pay phone at Offut Lake. #GreatWalk

Cale's carried the pack for me for past .5 miles. Feels like swimming after removing flippers - lovely! #GreatWalk

Made it to Offut Lake Resort. Our cabin is smaller than any hotel room yet, but adorable. Off to canoe! #GreatWalk

Intern..t serv..ce ......ry unreliabl.... Expect ... few twe..ts whil... at Offu....ke. #GreatWalk

#Day7 lesson: Items to pack "next" time: Reading light, wet wipes, hand sanitizer. #GreatWalk

Not sure if tweets are getting through. Sure pics aren't. Regardless: G'night, #Day7. We're going to bed early because TOMORROW!! #GreatWalk

[Retweet] Great Wolf Lodge (@GreatWolfLodge): @jteevan See you tomorrow!

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