Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GreatWalk: Day 2

[This post includes my tweets (@jteevan) from the second day (July 19, 2014) of Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf!]

Route for #Day2 of our #GreatWalk. Today's a long day - hope to be at the airport by nightfall! #100miles #GreatWolf

Despite the extra-comfortable room, not sleeping well. The minor ailment I had yesterday seems to be hanging on. #OrItsExcitement #GreatWalk

#Day2 lesson: Our quick-dry clothes will indeed dry over night. Our socks won't. #GreatWalk

Opening a treasure hunt clue from @rbmllr and @jennthom! #GreatWalk

Headed out for our second day walking. Cale's very worried we're 6 mins behind sched. Thanks, @BellevueClub, for a great stay. #GreatWalk

Good advice for 1st leg of our walk and enthusiastic support for the #GreatWalk from the @BellevueClub concierge + nice clouds for walking.

Waking through the Mercer Slough, eating blackberries and listening to the birds sing. #GreatWalk

It's surprisingly peaceful passing under I-90. *Waving* to our friends in Boston at the other end. #GreatWalk

Made it to the Newcastle Boat Launch. Thought there was a beach park here, too, but we must be missing it. So we'll rest here by the water.

Snacked and rested at the Newcastle Boat Launch. Next stop: @TheRock_WFK. 5-1/2 more miles to lunch! #GreatWalk #SeahawksWay #TreasureHunt

Aha! Discovered the *actual* Newcastle Beach Park. Just over eager w/ the boat launch. NOW we begin our 5.5 miles to @TheRock_WFK. #GreatWalk

Whew! That was a hard stretch. No shoulder on a 30mph road with lots of bikes, joggers, and cars. Pretty lake views, though. #GreatWalk

"After u pass where hawks play, just before u leave their Way, u'll find a sign 2 their home, behind it lies treasure in the loam." #GreatWalk

Found it! #GreatWalk #TreasureHunt @rbmllr @jennthom (And, yes, I am going to drink the UV right now. :)

Unexpected break at the empty Kennydale Beach Park. Three lifeguards, a restroom, and us. Cale's wading. #GreatWalk

Very useful stop! We learned the railroad tracks are unused and unobstructed - so we have a safer path for the next few miles! #GreatWalk

Arriving at @TheRock_WFK hot, sweaty, and #famished. Pretty sure lunch has no choice but to be delicious. #GreatWalk

Done with lunch. Now for a 3.8 mile walk to @TukwilaFFC. Both Cale and I are dragging, though, after a nice mid-day rest. #GreatWalk

Crossing Cedar River & back in the walking groove. Cale picked up some marbles at a garage sale - but not too many (they weigh)! #GreatWalk

On Grady Way, about a mile from @TukwilaFFC. It's been all heat, stoplights, traffic, and car dealers for a while now. #GreatWalk

Too hot and tired to make it to the @TukwilaFFC without a break. Stopped by a Shell station for a soda. #GreatWalk

We've been hearing fire engines non-stop for the past hour. Curious if there's something going on, or that's just normal. #GreatWalk

Looks like the billowing black smoke Cale pointed out and the fire engines indicate a major fire in Renton. :( (via @treycausey) #GreatWalk

Made it to @TukwilaFFC! #GreatWalk

Setting off on our final walk of the day. 4.1 miles to @SeattleLodge. #GreatWalk

First blister-check stop. Our feet are holding up well! Currently somewhere in the middle of Southcenter Mall-land. #GreatWalk

Phone seconds from running out of batteries. Hopefully my printed directions are enough to get us to @SeattleLodge. #GreatWalk

2nd half of the last leg was brutal. Much was at a 10% grade & a detour led us .5 miles out of our way. But almost to @SeattleLodge! #GreatWalk

Sitting down to a nice dinner with Cale at @DineCopperleaf. A nice respite after a 17 mile walk. #GreatWalk #100miles

Walking 100 yards from dinner to our room was hardest part of today's walk. Here's hoping we're not even more sore by morning! #GreatWalk

#Day2 lesson: My phone's battery is precious. Use it carefully. #GreatWalk

#Day2 lesson: Plan for more screwing around. With our schedule unexpected stops and detours are hard, but there's so much to see! #GreatWalk

#Day2 lesson: You get a lot dirtier on a 17 mile walk than in a 5 mile one. Evidence: Cale's bathwater, the laundry water. #GreatWalk

Cale says he likes hotels because when you wake up in the morning, it feels a little different. #GreatWalk

Good night, #Day2. Proud to have made it to the #SEA airport, and we love all of the unexpected treasure discovered en route. #GreatWalk

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