Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GreatWalk: Day 5

[This post includes my tweets (@jteevan) from the fifth day (July 22, 2014) of Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf!]

Our route for #Day5 is a bit of a mystery as we try to make our way around @JBLM_PAO on foot. #GreatWalk

[Retweet] Great Wolf Lodge (@GreatWolfLodge): @jteevan @JBLM_PAO We're howling for you! Looking forward to seeing you Friday. #GreatWalk

At the #76 station to pick up Powerbars, jerky, Gatorade for lunch on the road. As long as no rain, it's perfect walking weather. #GreatWalk

#HalfWay to @GreatWolfLodge!!! #GreatWalk #100miles #GreatWolf

[Retweet] Great Wolf Lodge (@GreatWolfLodge): @jteevan High Paws to you! Way to go!

Lakewood Gardens doesn't open until 10am, so we'll keep truckin. Rain + no sidewalks + military base in our way = hard day. #GreatWalk

[Retweet] JB Lewis-McChord (@JBLM_PAO): @jteevan Route looks good - that's exactly the best route. Sidewalks hit or miss, but broad shoulders on most of roads through Lakewood

[Retweet] Andrés Monroy (@andresmh): @jteevan you were featured in the Bellevue news for your walking adventure! :-)

Our #GreatWalk is featured in the @BelReporter! @dlewisnash

[Retweet] Bellevue Reporter (@BelReporter): Jaime and Cale Teevan began their walk to Lewis County Friday afternoon. They are halfway, in Tacoma, as of today.

Shout out to Family Dentistry at Vernon and Veterans for kindly allowing us a quick pit stop. What a kind, friendly office! #GreatWalk

Option 1 (the short option) looks like it's going to work! #GreatWalk

Stopping for lunch before turning onto Dupont-Steilacoom. #GreatWalk

The walk by #JBLM has been much easier and more pleasant than expected. Thanks, @JBLM_PAO!

Cale is particularly enjoying walking by the military firing range. It's his first time hearing gun shots. #GreatWalk

[Retweet] Dad Logic (@dadlogic): Washington mom @jteevan and her son are on an epic 100 mile walk to @GreatWolfLodge #GreatWalk

Twice in the past half hour, people have stopped to offer us rides or assistance. It's nice to know we're being looked out for. #GreatWalk

Arrived early at the @Hampton Inn in Dupont. #Day5 completed! #GreatWalk

An inch of rain expected tomorrow. 90% chance of rain, scattered #thunderstorms. Tomorrow's going to be wet. #GreatWalk

Cale and I enjoyed @dadlogic's post about our walk#GreatWalk #GreatMemories

#Day5 lesson: Our emotions are exaggerated on the #GreatWalk. Things always seem to be either dire or The Absolute Best.

#Day3 lesson: It's hard to extract lessons while you're struggling. Evidence: No #Day3 lessons until #Day5. :) #GreatWalk

#Day5 lesson: The reason the conditioner foams is because it is really body wash. #GreatWalk

Even though Cale and I each have 2 pair and I wash them every night, I'm pretty sure our socks will never be white again. #GreatWalk

Overnight drying steps for non-quick-dry fabric: 1) ring out, 2) roll in towel & stomp, 3) blow with hair drier, 4) hang. #GreatWalk

Dinner options within walking distance of our hotel: Starbucks. Subway. Sandwiches it is. #GreatWalk

Putting #Day5 to bed early because tomorrow will be long and wet. But we're getting close now! Good night, #GreatWalk.

Can't sleep, worrying about predicted thunderstorms Can anyone w/ an actual computer get a sense for how likely they are & when? #GreatWalk

Morning route takes us through forest, farmland, w/ limited shelter options. After we hit Curry Corner for lunch, should be fine. #GreatWalk

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