Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GreatWalk: Day 8

[This post includes my tweets (@jteevan) from the eighth day (July 25, 2014) of Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf!]

Yay yay yay yay yay! Our #Day8 route to @GreatWolfLodge. #GreatWalk #100miles #GreatWolf #LastDay

[Retweet] Great Wolf Lodge @GreatWolfLodge): We can't wait to welcome @jteevan & son Cale to our Grand Mound, WA lodge today after their 100 mile walk. Way to go! #100miles #GreatWalk

We are on the road and back in service. Getting close to @wolfhaven. #GreatWalk

Passing real wolves @wolfhaven en route to @GreatWolfLodge. Cale's lots to say re: these endangered animals. #GreatWalk

Enjoying biscuits and gravy at the Sandstone Cafe in Tenino. #GreatWalk

According to @KylaCarlsonKC's entomologist friend, the mysterious web is from Western Tent Caterpillars. #GreatWalk

Next stop: @GreatWolfLodge! #GreatWalk

[Retweet] Ian Soboroff (@ian_soboroff): @jteevan Please be careful.  It would suck to walk 100 miles just to get eaten by a wolf.

During the #GreatWalk I've alternately worn the pack strapped around my hips or my waist. Do you know is "correct"?

Just watched a man with a whistle and a dog herd a bunch of sheep. Very cool. #GreatWalk

I-5 is visible in the distance. #GreatWalk

Thank you Speedway Grocery for celebrating the almost-end of our journey with us and treating us to a soda! #GreatWalk Soooo close now.

After 8 days and #100miles, Cale and I finally see @GreatWolfLodge in the distance! His favorite place in the world. #GreatWalk #1moreMile

Most amazing welcome EVER! Made me cry. Thank you, @GreatWolfLodge! #GreatWalk

Exploring our room: Treats for Cale - and his brothers! Slippers, laundry detergent and quarters, pedicure, dinner, etc. #GreatWalk indeed!

Sorry - have to share another pic. Only just noticed the sign! #GreatWalk

[Retweet] Great Wolf Lodge (@GreatWolfLodge): After walking 100 miles, they made it to the lodge! Welcome @jteevan and Cale!

Cale and I are now proud owners of our GIANT #GreatWolf banner. We'll have to carry it to the train station but it's worth it! #GreatWalk

Even more than the magnitude of @GreatWolfLodge's welcome, I'm impressed w/ its thoughtfulness. Gifts for Cale's bros, laundry, H20... #GreatWalk

Declaring Room #2045 at @GreatWolfLodge in Grand Mound the official #GreatWalk suite. Comfy, quiet, and no elevator required. Aaaah!

[Retweet] Mor Naaman (@informor): @jteevan this is incredible. I made a little collection for you, btw.

Goodnight, #Day8. Cale and I will always remember today. Tomorrow brings waterslides, pedicures, #MagiQuest - and no walking! #GreatWalk

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