Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GreatWalk: Day 9

[This post includes my tweets (@jteevan) from the ninth day (July 26, 2014) of Cale and my 100 mile walk to Great Wolf!]

The #GreatWalk was kind of like stone soup: Cale and I provided some rocks, but everyone else added flavor!

Thanks for spicing up our #GreatWalk, @GreatWolfLodge, @Hotel_Bellevue, @BelReporter, @dadlogic, @JBLM_PAO, @rbmllr, @jennthom!

For those who asked to know more about the #GreatWalk: [link to blog] (Off to the water slides for us! #Tornado!)

A little post-#GreatWalk foot pampering. Thanks, @cahalvorson and @GreatWolfLodge!

Cale and I are feeling a little homesick now that we're no longer walking. Packing for our 7 mile walk to the train in the morn. #GreatWalk

I have 4 kids but often take trips w/ just 1 (e.g., #GreatWalk). The tradition grew from conference travel. Click for more.

The only #Day9 walking we did was for #MagiQuest & to the top of the water slides. Which was still actually a fair amount. Night! #GreatWalk

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